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Our Website Features

There are lots of options to consider when you decide that it’s time to launch your own website.

You can build it yourself, persuade a friend to work on it or choose from the long list of web design companies…..and all of these have their respective pros and cons. When you then factor in the list of available features that your site can incorporate you have a huge spreadsheet and a headache!

To help with your decision making Dream Big Web Design offer three standard website design packages that come with different features and options to fit different budgets.

All websites that we design come with these key features.

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Free Domain Name/

Your domain name is a key asset of your online business. We can acquire a name for you and handle the configuration. We can also help with name suggestions if needed!

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Free Web Hosting

The reliability of your website should be a top priority. We host all our websites with a provider that guarantees a 99.9% up-time. This means your website will be available when potential customers are online.

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Not every business has an IT support team to keep their website up to date and fix issues when they arise. We offer all our clients a dedicated online help portal to report problems and telephone support.

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On-page SEO

It is essential that customers can find you when they search online. We will construct your website to be found, understood and indexed by search engines. This gives you the best chance of being seen by your target audience.

We also offer these features with our websites.


You can compare the features and prices of our Website Design Packages.

Web Pages

In simple terms a website is made up of a number of web pages. Most sites will have a Home page and at least one of these:

An About Us page that gives potential clients an opportunity to find out more about your business.
A Contact Us page that includes email addresses, phone numbers, a postal address and social media links. This allows customers to interact with you in a variety of ways.

There are other pages that can be included but these will depend on the purpose of your website. If you are unsure how many pages you need we will happy to help.

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Custom Design

We tailor all our websites to the client. We do not restrict you to a standard template and ensure that the finished website is exactly as you want it.

All colours, images, page layout, font and text size are all specific to your design. We will work with you to identify your requirements, listen to your thoughts and then offer our advice.

Ultimately we want to design a website that works for you and your business.

Responsive Design

We design our websites to ensure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Why is it so important to have a responsive website?

  • Mobile usage continues to increase so more customers will view your site on their mobile.
  • Mobile visitors expect a positive user experience or they will leave to find a site that offers one.
  • Social media activities on mobile phones mean that mobile visitors are only a click away from your site.
  • The major search companies have stated that responsive design is preferred by their search engines.

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A Contact Form

You need to give your customers a quick way to get in touch and remove as many barriers as possible.

A contact form allows you to display a simple form that can be sent straight to you by simply clicking ‘submit’. This means that you can be contacted without the need to write an email, compose a text message or even ring you up!

Contact forms can be customised so that when they are filled in the customer can provide the information that you need.


Email Accounts

Having an email address based on your domain name (so it that it ends helps demonstrate that you run a professional business online.

It has the added advantage that every email you send is a reminder to potential customers of you website address.

All our web packages include domain based email addresses, the number depends on the package. Each account has up to 250mb of space and we can configure it to forward all messages to your existing email account.

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A slideshow (also called a slider) is an excellent way to display information with images in an organised and attractive manner. The pictures slide automatically but can also be navigated by the visitor.

These can be used on your Home Page to showcase your business or its unique selling points. They are also a great way to display your products, completed projects or even team members.

We use a slider on our Home Page to highlight the fact that we are based in Fareham and showcase our services.

These can be added to any package as an optional extra.


Photo gallery

Pictures are a great way to show potential customers what your business has to offer.

A responsive photo gallery gives an opportunity to transform photos in to an interactive feature that your customers can browse on any device.

You can display your products, showcase finished work, introduce your staff or show your business premises.

We can also use images from your social media accounts to automatically update your image gallery. Here are some example galleries.


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